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Abolish the Constitution

Unions Are The Answer You Are Looking For

We Have The Power We Need: A Call For a General Strike

The Moment I Discovered I Was Not a Prodigy

Fire in the Theatre/Theater

Despite DeVos Vote, Democrats will Capitulate on Education

– Democrats mounted an admirable effort to stop the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. – The vote finally passed today with Vice President Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote.  This was a historic near-win for the Democrats and shows promise for the millions of people who have spent their own time pressuring their representatives to reject DeVos. It is a heartening defeat. But when you look at the track record of Democrats who occupy seats in the House and Senate, there is clear evidence that many of […]

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For-Profit Corporations Cannot Be Woke

– Wunderkind entrepreneur and billionaire Randian centerfold Elon Musk announced that he plans to collaborate with the Trump administration. – His hope is that his influence will steer the President toward supporting a carbon tax.  “The more voices of reason that the President hears, the better,” he said in Gizmodo, “Simply attacking him will achieve nothing. Are you aware of a single case where Trump bowed to protests or media attacks?” Donald Trump has famously asserted that climate change is a myth invented by the Chinese, and is currently moving […]

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Do Not Despair, Progress is Possible

  “I love being a millennial, because my framed Obama poster becomes ironic at will.”     I wrote this joke for a show in 2014 that I knew would have an older crowd, and people laughed.  It wasn’t only a joke. I actually do have a framed Shepard Fairey ‘Progress’ poster framed and hung on the wall of my office, staring hopefully over my shoulder as I write this.  Its meaning to me has drastically changed since 2008, because I have changed, and the country has mostly stayed the same. […]

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Primary the Democrats

In the first concrete measure of the political realignment currently shifting the two major American political parties, Democrats stopped a chance to lower the price of drugs for people.   Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Thune (R-SD) voted for an amendment introduced by Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) intended to lower prescription drug prices while establishment Democrats Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Patty Murray (D-WA), among others, voted against it, effectively killing the bill.   Designed to lower prescription drug prices by allowing cheaper drugs from Canada to compete with the […]

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War Is Not Humanitarian

The Economist released this opinion piece (with no byline, so I guess it’s an editorial?) describing how the failure of the US to directly intervene with air support, and potentially troops on the ground, in Syria led to the current situation in Aleppo.  Similar pieces have been flooding well-meaning blogs like Upworthy, mainstream news sites, and saturating the pages of left-leaning commentary like the Atlantic and Salon.  All of them express the same regret – that Western nations and their militaries failed to “do something” to prevent the horrors in […]

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DAPL Construction Continues in Violation of the Law

Celebration, as always, was premature.   Energy Transfer Partners, in a brazen defiance of the Army Corps of Engineers and the will of the people of Standing Rock, have announced that they will defy the administration’s order to deny the easement required for their drilling and continue construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  They will pay a fine of $50,000 per day for the violation, with the assumption that the incoming administration will reverse the order and potentially forgive the fines. They are probably right.  The president elect and his […]

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Trump Surrendered to Carrier

Trump did not ‘save’ 1,000 jobs at the Carrier plant. He did a couple things, some of which I’m okay with: 1) He and the state of Indiana offered about $7M in tax breaks to Carrier. The jobs saved are higher paying manufacturing jobs, averaging about $70K, per year. This means that he made the jobs a net wash for the company in the first year, before any value derived from their work is factored in. He essentially paid Carrier our tax dollars to keep those people hired. I would […]

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