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Los Angeles Needs a Public Bank

Abolish the Constitution

The Moment I Discovered I Was Not a Prodigy

Fire in the Theatre/Theater

Decoding the Politics of that Shitty Music Video in the Times’ Trump Jr. Piece

    – The bombshell NYT report that emails sent to and from Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort – the closest advisors to Trump in the Summer of 2016 – all show clear intention and follow through to collude with a foreign power to use their government’s resources to smear another candidate in a presidential election.  It’s not really surprising considering who we’re talking about.  Paul Manafort was an agent of the Russian government in Ukraine, Jared Kushner is a sniveling nincompoop whose only accomplishment is to […]

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Single Payer Can’t Wait

– California is huge, and it is blue. Why don’t we have single payer healthcare? – California assembly speaker Anthony Rendon scuttled SB 562, the law that would bring single payer universal healthcare to the world’s sixth largest economy.  A Democratic legislator, with a supermajority and a popular Democratic governor, decided the bill had too many problems and that the ‘focus should be on the Senate healthcare bill.’  As such, the bill won’t come back up for debate until 2018, a full year after the CA Senate passed it, and […]

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New Minimum Wage Study Doesn’t Say What Everyone Says it Says

– Right wing economists and smug libertarians are having a fun day. – The University of Washington released a study this week supposedly showing that minimum wage increases in Seattle have resulted in a loss of wages and hours for low-skilled workers.  Their work, supported by a more comprehensive survey of wages and hours worked than has previously been available, analyzed data from companies in Seattle (with only one location within the city limits) who pay into unemployment insurance.  The study shows a decrease of hours worked (and wages paid) […]

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Detained Immigrants in California Need Lawyers

Photo by Samantha Sais/Reuters

– California and its cities and counties are purported to be ‘sanctuaries’ for immigrants, but they aren’t. – While many local police forces do refuse to check the status of their detainees or hold prisoners on ICE’s behalf, many cases have shown that local law enforcement, municipalities and the state prison system are more than willing to cooperate with Homeland Security and other federal agencies to remove parents, students and workers from their peaceful, everyday lives to throw them into jail and and legal limbo.  Once detained, their families are destroyed, […]

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Should the Homeless Capital of America Host the Olympics?

– Delegates from the International Olympic Committee descend on Los Angeles today. – They will meet with Mayor Eric Garcetti and the leaders of the LA2024 committee seeking to bring Los Angeles its third Olympic Games.  Los Angeles is one of just two cities still holding on to their bids for the games, and the IOC is pondering whether to award both the 2024 and 2028 games at once, to both Los Angeles its rival, Paris, France. Both cities are world capitals. Unlike past hosts like Rio de Janeiro and […]

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Socialism or Barbarism

–  Imagine a woman who sells everything she owns to afford her child’s chemotherapy.  –  This woman must now work two or three jobs to afford her debt and a measly apartment in a rundown part of town. The kid survives but now attends an underfunded school, and has less parental help because her mom is so stressed and busy. When she turns 18, there is no money for college, in fact, she’s had to keep a job of her own for years to help pay the bills and is struggling […]

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The Devil’s Midwife; Mother of All Bombs

– MERCUTIO I see Queen M.O.A.B. hath been with you. She is the devil’s midwife, and she comes In shape much bigger than an agate-stone Pushed by the finger of an orange man, Drawn by a team of sub-atomics To scorch men’s faces as they lie asleep; Her chariot is an giant flaming skull Made by Lockheed Martin or Boeing Time out o’ mind the devil’s coachmakers. And in this state she gallops night by night Through native’s brains, and then they dream of death; O’er dictator’s knees, that dream […]

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