11 Year Old Movie Critic Wins an Emmy

That’s right.  This little guy made his way from radio to TV and won an Emmy for Best On Camera Talent for Commentary. Parentdish has a little interview with him which is funny, especially since he calls out Clash of the Titans as the worst movie of the year.

How does this fit into the critical cosmology of amateur vs. professional, blogger vs. print?  I think it’s fairly obvious that if you’re getting your movie-going advice from a 5th grader you’re unlikely to need the experience of an Harold Bloom to guide you to the good stuff.  At least with Jackson you know you’re getting an underdeveloped intellect who’s basing his assessment purely on whether he ‘liked’ a film or not (although the kid is pretty damn smart, right?)  He’s not pretending to hold the key to some great secret of creative perfection.  And he’s a pro, for Christ’s sake.

via:// urlesque

photo:// cbs.com

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