And the Mickey goes to…

Apparently, Disney is fed up with the Academy and their blatant overlook of mainstream entertainment and has decided to make their own awards – and then give them to themselves.

Already nominated, of course, are the not even-released-yet Tangled and Tron: Legacy.  Also in the running are Toy Story 3 (which could actually win a real award, from what I hear), Tim Burton‘s embarrassing Alice in Wonderland, and Secretariat.

Maybe it’s normal practice for a business as big as Disney to internally reward their staff by saying which person did the best job.  What would be hilarious is if the award was granted by stockholders, with the Best Supporting Actress statuette going to the actress who’s billing generates the best aggregate box office tallies.  Maybe then we can finally inject some market economics into the creative process and finally complete Walt Disney’s magical dream.

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