Julian Assange Makes Espionage Look Douchey

We’ve all been inundated by reports surrounding the release of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables by the whistle-blower site WikiLeaks.  And while there is a fun and fierce debate going on about the value and/or criminality of this kind of forced-transparency, I’d like to talk about something else:

What the fuck?

Even if you set aside the possibly fabricated, possibly disgusting multiple rape allegations against the guy, the above picture still screams ‘uber-creep.’   His bedroom eyes combined with whatever his hand is doing (he’s either signalling ‘call me, and I’ll blow your whistle‘ or giving some Swedish version of the Shocker) makes for a very inappropriate expression, especially for the front page of one of the world’s hottest websites.  Combine that with the vaguely fascist plea to ‘Keep Us Strong’ and you get the image of an obviously power-hungry douchetard with a penchant for pissing everyone off.  And this is his marketing ploy to solicit donations.

Compare that to the sort of stuffy and  awkward image that Assange is clearly copying, the donation plea from Wikipedia that we’ve all grown to love:

See the difference?  One is a guy who started a website to aggregate the work of strangers into an entirely unreliable source of information about topics of interest, and the other is Julian Assange.

Whatever good or bad comes from the flood of secrets that WikiLeaks is peddling, it’s safe to say Julian Assange should get basically none of the credit.  Sometimes it takes an act of douchery to move a people to action.  Let’s just be thankful the guy doesn’t work for Fox News.



  1. I thought you were going to have a screed about the damage Mr. Assange was doing. Or, perhaps, one on the complete lack of damage his leaks will actually do. Or one on the fascination, or the fear, that the media, or the government(s) have toward it all. This is better.

  2. Update: wikileaks.ch has been taken down by everyone, basically, so the picture isn’t available any more. 😦 I’ve replaced it with a funny lolcat.

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