The First Millennial Oscars

I knew it from the moment Back to the Future, a movie that holds a special place in the hearts of every child of the 80’s, made its way into the long intro to this year’s Academy Awards: they’re aiming this Oscars at me.

The hip and gorgeous young hosts should have been a dead giveaway. James Franco has, in the course of maybe 18 months, made himself into the model for ironic hipster involvement in the widescale entertainment arts (and higher education.) Anne Hathaway is hot as fuck.   Who cares if Roger Ebert and Charles McNulty think James shouldn’t have eaten that brownie.  Relax old man, this AIN’T THAT BIG A DEAL, It’s only the Oscars, lol! This year, the Academy reached out and let the next generation make fun of itself for a few hours, and it’s been a blast.

People might point at the ancient Kirk Douglas’ long and hilarious cameo as a counterpoint to this assertion – but I simply have to point to billions of YouTube views and entire shows like Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job to show that the millennials are suckers for long, drawn out segments by hopelessly old and marginally clueless individuals. Add a hot guy in a Speedo and a girl puking and that intro was a Daniel Tosh wet dream.

And look at the winners. Aaron Sorkin, Natalie Portman, TRENT REZNOR, David Fincher, (Oh, never mind) Darren Aronofsky (oh crap…these guys didn’t win?) these are people whose careers we’ve watched from Day One. Some of them have made the works which have defined my cultural experience as a young adult (Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, all of Nine Inch Nails, all of Sorkin’s walking-and-talking).  Natalie alone is the picture perfect example of the over-programmed child of our times, her character in the film only makes it more crystal clear.  Our generation helped elect the President, and now we’re taking over the Academy.  Right?

The PR people don’t control the voting, and despite a movie about Facebook (currently the 3rd largest nation on Earth) being on the ballot, the Academy sent the big prizes to the stuffy ‘classy’ movie about British monarchy.  It’s a great movie, (although it’s incredibly inaccurate revisionism) but perhaps the voters didn’t get the memo – the young and hip are taking over the income in this country.  Here we are, now, entertain us.


  1. I missed the awards show and was upset about it. Today on Facebook, several of my friends were expressing really, really negative thoughts about the whole show, and I thought, “well, maybe it was a blessing that I missed it.” Now I read your post and, damn it! I’m upset again!

  2. The Oscar cogniscenti are upset that their special party was riddled with irony and uncomfortable self awareness. I laughed my way through the entire thing. I just wish my boys Fincher and Aronofsky could’ve gotten theirs, they’re the best of a generation.

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