Live Free Or Die (Photo ID Required)

On this Election Day (LA residents, go vote ya dumbasses), I must direct everyone to this piece in today’s DailyKos.  Apparently, Republicans in my home state are pushing to require photo IDs and eliminate same-day voter registrations at the polls, a blatant attempt to restrict the voting rights of the students who attend many of the local colleges.

It seems these traditionally left-leaning groups are out-wieghing the townies on crucial measures like gutting local public sector unions and the GOP wants to put a stop to it.  After all, these kids lack “life experience,” and “they just vote their feelings.”  What’s funny is that the handful of liberal NH towns are trying to protect from the Rand Paulites and the conservatives want to push out the hippies.  Live for or die somewhere else, kiddies!

Perhaps these guys forgot what happens when you disenfranchise the under-employed youth.

If you don’t want students to vote, don’t put colleges in your town. They’ll just take their (and their parent’s) money elsewhere, and Hanover and Plymouth can go back to being impoverished dairy towns with no east-west highways or gene-pool variety.

My dad is still a  proud NH townie, livin’ free or dyin’ (not too soon, I hope).  I hope he doesn’t mind my quoting him so I can post my well reasoned responses and show how smart I am:

Dad: I have no problem requiring a picture ID to vote, in fact I think it should be manditory in ALL cases. I do have a problem with not allowing students to vote, they should be able to prove that they are a registerd voter in the state they are currently residing in or vote using an absenty ballot in their own state.

sydiot:  Except that photo ID isn’t a requirement in civic life. Would you want to start a bureau of identification so that all people can be tracked and identified across state lines? Photo ID may be a necessity for some commerce, passports and for driving, but the idea of a general purpose photo ID requirement for all persons is usually a no-go.

Dad: Then tell me how can you stop people from voting multiple times at multiple locations under false identities. There are many cases of DEAD people voting? Believe me I am not with the reubplican’s on this issue, I just think that there should be more controls on the votes, I think that any state ID should work as an acceptable ID. You don’t have to drive to get a state ID, I know many people who have them and do not drive. I have no problem with carrying an ID and I really do not care who can track me, I do not consider it a violation of my rights unless some action which would violates those rights were to happen. If I were doing something illegal then I guess I might have issue with it.

sydiot:  The assumption that all law abiding citizens should have no problem with increased government identification and information gathering excludes countless instances where government oversight and capriciousness can override the rights of individuals who have difficulty accessing certain services and bureaucracies. I’m surprised that you would want to allow the government to disenfranchise your vote for something as trivial as an expired license or a misfiled document. The Supreme Court has consistently held that the right to vote cannot be subject to the will of government officials regarding arbitrary documents, and the cases of voter fraud that you’re citing as the problem are so incredibly rare that there is simply no reason to risk the infringement of rights to prevent it. The kind of voter fraud you’re talking about isn’t perpetrated by individuals at the polls, it’s done (mostly in the 1910’s in New York and 1930’s in Chicago, etc.) by government officials stuffing ballot boxes. There’s simply no incentive and far too high a penalty for individuals to commit that fraud themselves. These kinds of moves are purely about disenfranchising select voter blocks to solidify political power, just like ‘right-to-work’ legislation, poll taxes and literacy tests.

Parents: 1  –  Kids: 1

Now back to the world where voting doesn’t really matter anyway…

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