Fuck Yeah, Ira Glass

The ever tolerant and wryly poignant Ira Glass, host of This American Life and spokesperson for lpodcast social curiosity and liberal self-satisfaction has come back swinging at right-wing critics of NPR.  As an avid supporter of the state-run media, I applaud his defense of my beloved news outlet.

“I feel like public radio should address this directly, because I think anybody who listens to our stations understands that what they’re hearing is mainstream media reporting,” Glass said. “We have nothing to fear from a discussion of what is the news coverage we’re doing. As somebody who works in public radio, it is killing me that people on the right are going around trying to basically rebrand us, saying that it’s biased news, it’s left wing news, when I feel like anybody who listens to the shows knows that it’s not. And we are not fighting back, we are not saying anything back. I find it completely annoying, and I don’t understand it.”

I agree with him completely, although I also agree with some critics who say NPR frames all of their stories, whether politics, economics or human-interest, within the context of ‘victimhood.’  This doesn’t bother me because I think that’s how most of humanity views itself.  If you’re not complaining about corporations, the government, the weather, the economy, the immigrants, the inflation or the Yankees, then maybe you’ll have time to take responsibility for yourself, but this is unlikely to happen while consuming your daily news. I don’t like news and talk where the weak are trampled and the strong try to justify their intransigent dominance, it’s fucking scary.  Although, I admit that I read/watch/consume that shit too, obsessively.  It takes a balanced look at both racist propaganda and reasonable non-profit reporting to develop a truly moderate American worldview.

Glass’ remarks follow some walk-back from the reactionary firings and resignations from NPR after pimptastic geektard liar with an editing suite, James O-Keefe was shown to have (gasp, really?!) duplicitously edited tapes of an NPR executive making disparaging comments about a certain racist, crypto-fascist redneck political movement that doesn’t like his broadcasting company.

Out to end those annoying fundraising drives the old fashioned way: fabricating video tapes/selling women for sex.

To NPR’s credit, they treated this affront to their being the same way they’d cover any affront to American interests: they spent hours of programming condemning themselves for perceived mistakes which were largely fabricated by their enemies in an attempt to make themselves look reasonable and easy to like.  They only used the facts and tried to cover it reasonably while firing capable people whose only mistake was trusting other people to play fair.

Oops.  Maybe after FoxNews is done destroying public broadcasting, they’ll pick up Ira Glass’ contract and make him write This Real American Life with shorter sentences and more stories about NASCAR.  By then, of course, RadioLab will have invented a new form of meta-J-school programming that can be discretely added to a latte or coconut juice so there’s no chance of evil corporate marketing influence, unless AOL buys them or something.

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