Richard Blais is Top Chef *phew*

Are you really that surprised?

After what might now be the 2nd best season of Top Chef (Season 6 is the best, sorry ya’ll), former choke artist and current self-depricating genius Richard Blais took the title of best reality TV chef on Bravo.  As he was a favorite son of this writer’s TV-watching household, I am very glad that the forces of redemption, braised meats, and network expectations came together to give Blais his day in the sun.

Mike Isabella made a spectacular run for the title with a late season push that made everyone wonder whether Richard might lose for a second agonizing time.  Iz even made those of us who regarded him as an immature dingleberry of a contestant regard him with much more esteem, he displayed a ton of growth and a real aptitude for how Top Chef is played.

I am always impressed by how much Top Chef continues to push itself towards higher and higher quality of contestants and watch-ability.   As a foodee and a reality-TV junkie, it is the ultimate marriage of food-porn psuedoexpertism and the ‘Pack Your Knives and Go’ format that makes the reality genre so impossible to walk away from.  It’s even more rewarding to be a fan when the story plays out as nicely as All-Stars did (from my point of view.)

Blais with his super secret ingredient. (J/K, it's his kid.)

I can’t wait to eat Blais’ food, which will now be overpriced but hopefully easier to get.  I guess now I’ll just have to angrily watch Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen until Padma comes back into my life.

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