LACAC and LASA Launch SpaceFinderLA

An artistic director on the search for a unique and affordable venue in Los Angeles.

I’ve written before about the ways that small LA theater companies face daunting financial hurdles that are being overcome by greater cooperation and asset sharing.  I’m very happy to spread the word about another such opportunity.  The first step of production is often to seek out a venue.  The calculus and footwork involved can be daunting, and with the huge number of venues in the city and the somehow also huge rents to pay (and competition for the 5% of venues that are actually worth the money) a show can often get off on the wrong foot just because of a lack of information and time in securing a space.


From the release:

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission and LA Stage Alliance have partnered with Fractured Atlas to create SpaceFinderLA, a free online resource for the creative community and general public. The site, the first online searchable database of creative spaces in L.A. County, has important benefits for you as an arts organization. It can.

1) help you find spaces for rehearsals, performances, workshops, auditions, film/photo/video shoots, meetings, parties, showcases, etc.

2) help you generate income if you have spaces to rent.

SpaceFinderLA includes:

  • A fully searchable database with dozens of search options, sortable by discipline, size of venue, cost, physical features, equipment, location, floor type, and many other parameters.
  • Venue profiles that include photos, custom descriptions, and other touches to give users the “feel” of a space.
  • A mapping interface that shows the geographic distribution of search results and provides easy directions from one’s current location.
This is a great idea for a platform that solves a real community need. It could even drive down venue costs by creating a more transparent rental market. This is a breath of fresh air for struggling small arts orgs, so I am happy that LA Stage Alliance is making this effort.  I normally deride them for spending so much time and effort trying to convince people that LA theater is vibrant, hip and profitable (it is sometimes some of those things) rather than helping artists do more and better work.  But this is a good step.
The site already has 65 spaces registered, and although there isn’t much detailed information on all of them (the richer the data, the better the tool, the better the results, so get on there, venue owners!) it is already leaps ahead of the method previously used for venue searches, namely, calling your producer-friends to snipe their leads and scoping the NoHo Arts District site while pushing thoughts of cockroaches from your mind.
We like things that make art easier. Thanks LACAC and LASA!

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