An Easter Message from Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais fancies himself quite the ethical bloke, at least according to the traditional rules. And just like his inflammatory essay from last summer, ‘Why I Am an Atheist,’ Ricky wants people to know how ridiculous and preferential their faith really is. This morning he released via his website a breakdown of how he’s probably a better a Christian than 90% of Christians, according to Christianity, and only because he doesn’t give a fuck.

This being an ‘Easter Message’ I’m surprised he went for the Decalogue instead of something revolving around, say, that brutal human sacrifice that granted us all a free pass to an eternal life with infinite virgins, frozen margaritas, and soft jazz classics (admit it, in your mind, this is Heaven.) But as always, I am overjoyed to see atheist public figures get out into the world and ridicule the foolishness that is religious dogma.

Happy Easter!

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