Rick Perry Commands the Heavens to Rain

Wildfires rage across the reluctant state of Texas, claiming lives and property.  And although firefighters are risking their lives and putting forth the best possible effort to combat the inferno, Governer Rick Perry knows that isn’t enough.  He’s put out the call to the masses to ask a higher power to come and help him.

Now before you get any stupid ideas, I don’t mean the Federal Gub’mint.  After all, Rick Perry knows that Texas is just fine without federal help!  No no no, what Texas needs is a little hand from the Anti-Obama, a.k.a. The Lord.

The Governor’s office made this proclaimation calling for all Texans to pray for rain to put out the fires.  Let’s hope that all that prayin’ goes somewhere, otherwise the federal money that’s spent to save all those houses, cattle and people might infect the Texan Republic and make people start thinking taxes is good for somethin’.

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