Presidents Need Help Telling the Truth

Michael Newdow

Michael Newdow losing some motivation.

The Supreme Court put the kibosh on one front in the War on Christmas (Oath-Taking Edition) today by declining to hear a case brought by an atheist objecting to the use of ‘So Help me God’ in Presidential inaugurations.  Michael Newdow, the same heathen who brought us the 2004 case against ‘Under God’ in our Pledge of Allegiance, was rebuffed as the nation’s highest court recognized once again that the U.S. Constitution is really just Bible fan fiction and that separating church and state is as hard as separating corporations and free individuals.

These are obviously symbolic gestures, and I don’t know a single atheist who truly feels his civil rights being impugned by a simple phrase in an oath meant to scare people into telling the truth (or to weed out the ones who can’t stand lying with their hand on a Bible – yet another reason why I know Obama is a Secret Atheist).  I do know that I cringe when I hear all the God mottos.  I prefer ‘E Pluribus Unum’ to ‘In God We Trust’ (because I am a dirty communist) and I think we can be indivisible without being under God or any other sweaty Hebrew fantasy.

So help me nothing.

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