Miss USA Contestants Are Idiots (MA + CA Excluded)

Miss California knows evolution is true, and thank GOD she won.

Big surprise.  49 out of 51 Miss USA contestants don’t believe evolution should be taught in school, or believe that the choice to teach it should be up to individual localities.

This doesn’t account for how they completely misunderstand evolution (most of them refer to biogenesis, which is different) and how they don’t remember ever learning evolution when they were in high school six months ago.  It seems the only thing they took away from school is that high school students get to decide what’s true and tell their teachers to shove it.

What’s hilarious is that they fail to see the most obvious indicator of evolution in their own lives – These beauties are not being crowned because of their graceful natures, groundbreaking research or complex human divine spark souls.  Apparently it requires the will of God for society to value ladies with ample breasts, hips, shining healthy hair and passive non-threatening anti-intellectualism.  It couldn’t be *shock* SEXUAL SELECTION that makes these idiots important, could it?

I like big boobies even though Jeezus hates them, but Hevalooshun is FAKE!


      • I’m not really funny. Anyone who believes in the Theory of Evolution as it is presented these days is taking as much on faith as anyone who believes in strict creationism (I don’t BTW).

        Ignoring abiogenesis or biopoesis since, as you rightly point out, it’s not truly the topic, the odds against moving from single cell – if you can call those cells – organism(ish) things to advanced / complex lifeforms through purely random chance is astronomical.

        The mathematically simpler answer is some form of agency (Intelligent Design) being involved at some level of the process, even if only so far as Jean-Baptiste Lamarck theorized with the idea that life was ordered to create more complex lifeforms as generations progressed (Ignore his work on “soft inheritance,” though it was not wholly without merit though flawed in almost all specifics).

        Hence I say, ” Evolution is fake, or at least misunderstood and poorly presented by the anti-American Godless,” without any humor at all.

        The Miss USA contestants’ tits are mostly fake too. The pageant actually pays for the implants if they think they’re needed. 8-O.

      • The tits comments are really funny.

        So, you think it’s more likely that the universe was created to reflect a desire to create complex life? Or do you think a magical hand came in and physically mutated the genes to make that happen, but normally leaves the universe alone to operate according to predictable laws? Or do you think all actions in the universe are governed by a higher intelligence and the laws are an illusion? And remind why this is more likely than not?

  1. OK, you find the tits comment funny; I find it sarcastic and really quite sad. Each to their own on that one.

    As for the design of life on Earth – I may be the odd one in the argument. I think the Gods set the rules so that intelligent life would emerge but that they didn’t care much about what form it took.

    As for the laws – I think the Gods set down the laws, but what we consider those laws to be is largely illusion due to our limited understanding.

    As for why it’s more likely – On anything to do with with evolution leading to higher lifeforms (or abiogenesis), just run the numbers; random chance is wildly unlikely. On the laws of the universe, got a theory that logically makes more sense? Big Bang certainly doesn’t and everything else sense has just been pushing back the primogenesis issue.

    • I do not normally favor answering a question with another question but…why do we have the desire to the same, or to create anything beyond what we need?

      We don’t really understand the foundation of our own creative impulses, so how can anyone be expected to understand the creative impulses of the Gods?

  2. Right. But a basis for saying that the presence of an intelligent designer is more likely than spontaneous mutation and speciation is that said designer would have a desire or stake in creating complex life. That is an assumption on an assumption, and I think your failure to answer this question reveals your intent in this debate, which is not to discuss evidence and natural truths in the universe, but rather to replace the unknown with your assumption that God exists, that he resembles human beings in psychology and orientation to the universe and self, and that he cares about and affects what happens in the world. If your argument requires all of that AND has no testable physical predictions, I would say that you’ve failed to dislodge my understanding that even a marginal chance of life emerging and evolving without intentional action is better than making up ghosts who micromanage our genetics.

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