Down Home Theocracy

Because my blog is a Hitchens/Dawkings/Harris re-post machine (and because I prefer God to intervene in politics the old fashioned way: earthquakes and hurricanes):


(Protip: it’s a link to a story by Christopher Hitchens talking about Rick Perry’s constant and reckless religious rhetoric.)

An excerpt:

And this is what one always wants to know about candidates who flourish the Good Book or who presume to talk about hell and damnation. Do they, themselves, in their heart of hearts, truly believe it? Is there any evidence, if it comes to that, that Perry has ever studied the theory of evolution for long enough to be able to state roughly what it says? And how much textual and hermeneutic work did he do before deciding on the “inerrancy” of Jewish and Christian scripture? It should, of course, be the sincere believers and devout faithful who ask him, and themselves, these questions. But somehow, it never is. The risks of hypocrisy seem forever invisible to the politicized Christians, for whom sufficient proof of faith consists of loud and unambiguous declarations. I am always surprised that more is not heard from sincere religious believers, who have the most to lose if faith becomes a matter of poll-time dogma and lung power.

Republican polls consistently ignore sensible options (Romney, Huntsman) and even ideologically consistent lunatics (Ron Paul) in favor of populist theocrats all the time, and the trend isn’t going to stop.  Luckily, for all our sakes, they tend to lean toward the less intrusively religious by the end (see Bush I, II, Nixon, McCain, etc.)  I only hope that their hate for the other-y Obama and universal healthcare doesn’t propel them to nominate the next Torquemada with a drawl and a promise to raise taxes on the poor.

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