Who Knew the Antichrist Would Be a Centrist?

He loves everyone EXCEPT OBAMA, idiot.

President Obama was interrupted during a speech at a very inconvenient Los Angeles fundraiser tonight, by an especially zealous heckler who insisted that “Jesus Christ is Lord and creator of the universe.”  As could be expected, the god-hating crowd of liberal Hollywood sodomy-lovers begin to boo the Savior, and subsequently beg Obama to finish his slow murder of God and liberty with another 4-year term.

(sorry for the ad…)

Obama soaks it nicely, as any secret atheist would, but then ruins the whole thing by saying he believes in Jesus too, which of course he’s always insisted, but that both sides of the aisle wish wasn’t actually true.  He then finishes off the missed opportunity to set the record straight by trying to redistribute some chick’s jacket as the cops pull the guy out and he calls Obama the Antichrist.

If only, brother.

Get ready for endless videos of Obama reveling in the Godless jeering for 13 1/2 months.

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