Christopher Hitchens, 1949 – 2011

Christopher Hitchens, Author and Skeptic, Dies.

Vanity Fair

Ian McEwan


Andrew Sullivan

David Corn

Anna Wintour

The Atlantic

New Yorker


Washington Post

Al Jazeera


NY Daily News

Jacob Weisberg

LA Times

Fox News

A Rueters article about comments from his peers.

and hilariously, The Onion.

Some tweets:

@meropemills – Sat next to Hitchens at dinner once. He said ‘Do you want to come back to my hotel room or what? I haven’t got time to send flowers’.

@stephenfry – Goodbye, Christopher Hitchens. You were envied, feared, adored, reviled and loved. Never ignored. Never bested. A great and marvellous man.

@RichardDawkins – Christopher Hitchens, finest orator of our time, fellow horseman, valiant fighter against all tyrants including God.

@timminchin – “To the dumb question, ‘Why me?’, the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply: ‘Why not?'” Christopher Hitchens

@richardpbacon – There are few more entertaining hours than looking up clips of Christopher Hitchens on YouTube.

@prodnose – The news of Christopher Hitchens’ death somehow still a jolt. A fierce and raging light goes out.

@krishgm – How rare to find somebody you never met in person whose death you feel is a genuine loss to our collective intelligence.


@PeterBradshaw1 – I knew Christopher Hitchens a bit in the 90s. As a writer, he was a Jimi Hendrix in an industry full of session rhythm guitarists

@SalmanRushdie – Goodbye, my beloved friend. A great voice falls silent. A great heart stops. Christopher Hitchens, April 13, 1949-December 15, 2011.

@askegg – “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence” – Christopher Hitchens #GodIsNotGreat

@nealbrennan – Christopher Hitchens. RIP. Brilliant writer/orator. The man could have vanquished me debating the facts of my own life.

@RickWarren – My friend Christopher Hitchens has died. I loved & prayed for him constantly & grieve his loss. He knows the Truth now.

@pourmecoffee – I always saved Christopher Hitchens’ articles to read later. I wanted to be as smart a reader as he was a writer. RIP.

@georgeeaton – Hitchens on Gingrich in 1995: “He has a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull in his office. He has a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull in his skull”

@THudson13 – “The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks” – Christopher Hitchens

@MissEllieMae – “People ask, ‘What do you think of him?’ and my answer is: ‘He doesn’t make me think.'” Christopher Hitchens on David Cameron.

@andymcsmith – I can’t say what Christopher Hitchens was like when sober because I never met him in that condition, but he was great company drunk.

@Dark_Muncan – “Sex and drugs don’t go half as well as some people believe, it’s very often you’re forced to choose” Christopher Hitchens 1949 – 2011

@helenlewis – Remembered my ultimate favourite #hitchens quotation: “The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics.”

Some classic articles:

Some videos:

Possibly the best YouTube clip that could be put forward at this moment.


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