Fascist Groups Organize to Counter Protests


As protests ramp up in coastal cities, police prepare to quell them, by looking the other way.


People unsatisfied and angry at the outcome of the election have been staging daily protests in metropolitan areas with varying levels of success.  This has not gone unnoticed by the national press and the President Elect himself, ranging from between disdain and calls to crush the protests with police powers.  And while organizers against an authoritarian president expect the police to fight back, hard, they also know that one of the strongest weapons in a counter-revolution’s arsenal are paramilitary groups who will self organize, and have far more freedom to enact violence and intimidation than public officials.

Fascist groups like the Soldiers of Odin are making plans to do just that.  The SOO are an anti-immigrant hate group which, ironically, emigrated here from Finland within the last two years and took root all over the US with chapters in 42 different states.  Their social media reach has increased three-fold in that time, and they have captured the migrant-hating imagination of thousands of young white Americans.

The SOO is planning a sizable presence at protests in Manchester, NH today, according to posts in closed Facebook groups and elsewhere.  They won’t have any qualms about crushing skulls and starting fights, all of which will make the protesters look like the bad guys.  There is no incentive for the press to show both sides of such a conflict, at times like this, when the press’s legitimacy is at an historical low after completely bungling a presidential election, they will show deference to power and succumb to ‘peace at all costs’ rhetoric regardless of what that means for the vulnerable.

If you are protesting in New Hampshire today, please be safe.  Do not engage in fighting if you cannot win.  Work in numbers and do not be separated from large groups.

For demonstrators everywhere, work with organizers to have a plan for reactionary groups and agent provocateurs.  And remember your rights.



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