#J20 Strike, Resist, Disrupt


We’ve set the date.


Or rather, the 20th amendment to the US Constitution set the date, and we have RSVP’d.  Leftist and anti-fascist groups all around the country are planning a massive strike and protest on Inauguration Day to demonstrate to the new president, and his most noxious supporters, that any racist or authoritarian views they may hold are a minority and will be resisted.  That any actions they intend against any minority or vulnerable individuals or groups, including mass deportation regardless of legality, hate crimes, ethnic discrimination, registration, or disenfranchisement, or any mobilization to war against any other people or nation will be met with mass demonstrations, work stoppages, and the seizure of property and public spaces, as necessary.

We are also demonstrating to the business and civic leaders of this country at all levels, from local store owners, to governors, to Congress, to the boards and CEOs of multinational corporations that many, if not most Americans reject the normalization of anti-semitism, hatred against migrants, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-black racism, sexism, and discrimination against queer people.  And that any business that seeks to collaborate with or normalize such behavior or policies will face angry and determined customers, workers and investors who will take their business elsewhere and disrupt their activities to the extent required to restore justice and peace.

A movement like this is not about punishment or spite.  Revolutions cannot be planned by blog.  But electoral democracies are flawed and cannot be counted on to provide justice and protect the rights of the people.  Public protest and the power of the strike is the way for regular people to demonstrate opposition to majoritarian rule, especially when it is earned through arcane electoral rules that deny the vote of millions in favor of a few thousand in select neighborhoods and counties.  The purpose of this protest is to show the people, especially those who are afraid and threatened by the instant rise in hate speech and harassment that rose from this election’s results, that they are not alone in opposing bigotry and sexism in government, and that any move to codify hate into our nation’s laws will be met with revolt.

Talk to your friends, colleagues, your boss, you family, your teachers and students, your community groups and congregations.  Let’s take a day off to show that any future overreach by the new administration will face even more concerted effort from all of the country and from every part of society.  And those of who can, let’s show up in person to let our voices be heard.


Join us on Friday January 20th for a National General Strike and a public demonstration at the National Mall against creeping fascism, authoritarianism, bigotry and hate.





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