Decoding the Politics of that Shitty Music Video in the Times’ Trump Jr. Piece



The bombshell NYT report that emails sent to and from Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort – the closest advisors to Trump in the Summer of 2016 – all show clear intention and follow through to collude with a foreign power to use their government’s resources to smear another candidate in a presidential election.  It’s not really surprising considering who we’re talking about.  Paul Manafort was an agent of the Russian government in Ukraine, Jared Kushner is a sniveling nincompoop whose only accomplishment is to force Chris Christie the ongoing humiliation of being basically the least popular governor in US history.  And Donald Trump Jr. is openly called ‘Fredo’ but White House insiders, which he considers a compliment, because it distracts from how his scalp secretes its own form of hair gel.

The report describes the relationship between the Trump Organization (of which Donald Jr. is EVP of Development and Acquisitions) and Emin and Aras Agalarov, another father/son duo that is an ally and direct beneficiary of Putin’s Kremlin.  Trump and Agalarov worked together on the Miss Universe 2013 pageant outside of Moscow.

Thankfully for us, Donald Jr. stayed mostly off TV until his detestable family moved onto public property and we have to hear from his weasel face all the fucking time.  In Russia, however, the son of the “Donald Trump of Russia” is a pop star and makes videos.  The NYT piece embeds one such video, which happens to have premise around an international pageant, but we at Sydiot believe there is a deeper message in this song and the visuals chosen.

“In Another Life” by Emin (Agalarov) may seem to be an horrible Russian pop house song, but we believe it may contain a coded message describing a multinational conspiracy between the Russian oligarchy, the Trump Organization and campaign, and now the White House.

To begin:


The video opens with Emin choosing Miss Universe 2013 contestants in a boardroom. Again, he likely did this exact thing with Donald Sr. and Jr. and his own dad.


Emin is bored, he drifts off into a fantasy daydream. It’s plausible to think that whatever his fantasy is may be a clue into the intentions of the real estate and influence cartel run by Putin through Agalarov.


The soul deadening and totally bland house music swells, and suddenly Emin wakes up in the kitchen of a model home in a white T-shirt! (this video is VERY russian)


As he looks up from his coffee, a woman appears in front of him, wearing a sash! She is a representative of her country, but which one??? (my guess is Syria)


He is shocked and spills his coffee on himself


And then she disappears! Where did she go?!


love 2 change my shirt

By the way, the lyric here is ‘In Another Life We Could Be Together.’

🇺🇲 ️😍 🇷🇺


Another beautiful woman appears in the mirror, but a different one?


If you freeze frame it, you can clearly see this woman represents Ukraine.


This is clear evidence that Trump is a part of a conspiracy to make permanent the annexation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine and maybe beyond.


Ukraine disappears, but Emin finds his way to the piano where, suddenly, he’s sitting with Russia.


Russia is helping to play the song, so she’s the coauthor of the plot to raise the Iron Curtain again. Emin is happy to be macking it to a girl young enough to not remember 9/11.

It’s love!


Emin gets up to do some great fist pumps, but he’s struck by a pillow from out of nowhere! Unprovoked aggression, but from whom?




Emin is cool though. He knows that despite the past, ‘we could be together, it could last forever’


 Miss USA has what he wants


But, what a minute…


So does Poland (former Soviet bloc), Switzerland (international banking cartels) and Puerto Rico (the Global South)!


These ladies disappear too and Emin searches for them again, like Putin searching for international relevance beyond the natural gas market.


Finally, Emin claps his hands and leads a parade of nations down a steep staircase to a marble foyer.


Escorting him now are the Phillipines (emerging global labor markets with shifting loyalties), Spain (poorer disaffected EU states), and Japan (major US Pacific trading partners).


TURKEY walks in, and gives Ukraine a little nod, showing that the Russians consider greater Syria a non-negotiable part of their security sphere.


Then there’s this lady. Who is she, and why does she jump in the pool with her clothes on?


Is this a crude, sexist attack on Hillary Clinton and the US State Department old-guard who see the Cold War as ancient history and the neoliberal project as more or less terminal?


The big boss yells ‘wake up’ and Emin is back in the boardroom. He’s in for it.


Trump himself appears and asks ‘what’s wrong with you’ and fires him. Good use of a famous catch phrase, but we all know this isn’t about Trump firing Emin.


It’s about the Russian petroligarchy HIRING Trump to gain unfettered access to global finance, and to secure puppet states in Europe and the Middle East!



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