Abolish the Constitution


♦ There is a long and noble tradition of progressives who cite passages from the founding documents in their calls for truly universal rights. ♦ Martin Luther King, Jr. is perhaps the most prominent of these voices.  His speeches built upon the loftiest promises of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution and then added his own.  Abraham Lincoln’s funereal address at the killing grounds of Gettysburg has similarly ascended into canon, and is trotted out by every debate amateur, every screenwriter, and every cretin who seeks public […]

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Do Not Despair, Progress is Possible


  “I love being a millennial, because my framed Obama poster becomes ironic at will.”     I wrote this joke for a show in 2014 that I knew would have an older crowd, and people laughed.  It wasn’t only a joke. I actually do have a framed Shepard Fairey ‘Progress’ poster framed and hung on the wall of my office, staring hopefully over my shoulder as I write this.  Its meaning to me has drastically changed since 2008, because I have changed, and the country has mostly stayed the same. […]

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100 Days of Winter


  They say elections have consequences, but they rarely remind you how permanent those consequences can be.   The plan for Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office have been available for some time.  If you’re like me, you read through them before today because you wanted to see if there was some special sauce that most of us were missing about this putrid man and his vague but ominous promises to remake our country.  But no one will blame you if this is the first time you’re seeing this, […]

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We Have The Power We Need: A Call For a General Strike


It is a dark day in the United States, and the world.   While a slim majority of American voters chose to back the multicultural, urban, liberal party of incremental progress, enough people, in the states that mattered most, chose to throw the election to a reactionary populist who openly attacked ethnic and religious minorities, and will use the powers of the state to prosecute his enemies, foreign and domestic. There is little comfort in looking to government in the short term – the people with the power of appointment, […]

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We Did This

When I was a young boy, whenever I went to a public library, I would always search for books on two subjects: Nazis, and nuclear weapons. I think this was because the biggest myths of my young life were told by Steven Spielberg. Reading about the realities of those two ideas: German fascism – its roots in Enlightenment philosophies, populist politics and art – and the successful construction of a machine so powerful it could incinerate an entire city, and destroy the planet, those seemed like the most important things to […]

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Secularism is Not a Western Ideal

"God Does Not Exist" ... "HE DOES."

As my friends on the Left settle into what I consider a reductive understanding of Charlie Hebdo’s work as racist, Islamaphobic, problematic, whatever – here’s a collection of cartoons by Cabu (one of the assassinated cartoonists) which evidence a more nuanced progressive point of view at that magazine. The cartoonist Cabu (who drew all of the cartoons shown here) was consistently anti-colonial and anti-imperial in his work, just like the rest of Charlie Hebdo. This character, a French soldier on the cover of a fictional magazine called ‘the pacifist union’ says “France […]

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Freedom of Speech Cannot be Killed


By Joe Randazzo Originally published on MSNBC here: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/former-onion-editor-freedom-speech-cannot-be-killed When I was editor there, The Onion was located in the heart of Manhattan and the one person manning our front entrance was our petite, tattooed office manager, Jessie. She was the definition of unthreatening, and we used to joke that she was the only thing standing between us and some heavily armed radicals, should any ever become enraged by something we put in print. Right now, that joke makes me sick to my stomach. Twelve people were murdered at the offices […]

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