Putting the Arts to Work for Homeless Youth in Los Angeles

Mural by Aly Timbuctustate  and Do Art Foundation

    Art is more than entertainment or decoration.   Back in March, this photo caused some tepid online outrage in Los Angeles, and spurred another (too brief) examination of the homelessness crisis in the city.   It served as a snapshot of how relatively wealthy millennials were changing some of Los Angeles’ most iconic neighborhoods and ethnic enclaves into playgrounds of twenty-something decadence, literally stepping over homeless residents to snap a selfie in front of a cheeky mural.  When I saw it, I was immediately upset by not only how indifferent […]

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AEA Votes on #99Seat


We’re almost at a head. I also recommend the editorial from Bitter Lemons​ and it’s detail about the full pager in the Los Angeles Times​ and Actors’ Equity Association​’s response: http://losangeles.bitter-lemons.com/2015/03/25/vote-no/#sthash.HLkwZvyx.dpbs It’s very possible that union actors will be forced out of the indie scene by their own leadership, which will make producer-hyphenates like me seek non-union talent or hang it up all together. AEA insists on portraying people like me as exploitative of actors and dismissive of their contributions, when in fact, most of what I do is engineer […]

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Not a Review: The Late Late Show at Bootleg

I try to see everything labeled ‘environmental/immersive/ambulatory’ that pops up in Los Angeles because I feel it’s the coolest thing theater has going for it. No other form can make you stand up, walk around, touch, feel, smell and throw yourself into a story or experience like the present art of theater. TV and video games can’t do that, and never will (my apologies to Virtual Boy.) And yet, how do we spend our time at plays?  Silent, seated, hands folded or clutching a program, policing the behavior of other […]

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Jason Rohrer Thinks Rape Jokes Are Hilarious


“WAAHHH WAAHHHH!!! I’m a big cry baby and I need daddy to save me from the razor-sharp wit of an absolute genius!” This is what Jason Rohrer will read in this post, but I imagine everyone else will feel otherwise.  This is because in a brief twitter exchange between myself and Jason today, he managed to turn a perfectly civil discourse on casually offensive comedy, and the strategy of contacting advertisers to combat it, into a personal attack.  I figured I’d put my money where my mouth is and let Daddy know […]

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LACAC and LASA Launch SpaceFinderLA


I’ve written before about the ways that small LA theater companies face daunting financial hurdles that are being overcome by greater cooperation and asset sharing.  I’m very happy to spread the word about another such opportunity.  The first step of production is often to seek out a venue.  The calculus and footwork involved can be daunting, and with the huge number of venues in the city and the somehow also huge rents to pay (and competition for the 5% of venues that are actually worth the money) a show can […]

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