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Hollywood Created the Mujahideen

Well, not really. (Although our constant output of lolita pop-stars and homo-design shows may be why they don’t want the Internet.) But America did!  And as the military establishment starts to make their case for ongoing war in central Asia, I thought it appropriate to shine a light on how the Taliban came to be and how attitudes about Islam and Afghanistan have changed since the Eighties.

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Feel Good Film Festival Starts Tomorrow

One of my favorite new summer traditions returns to Hollywood Blvd tomorrow night, and this year it looks like it’ll be better than ever. The 3rd Annual Feel Good Film Festival starts this Friday with their trademark yellow carpet opening night hosted by Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Cheryl Hines.  I love specificity in art, and by cutting such a warm and fuzzy niche from the WithoutaBox universe, FGFF has hit a heart-warming motherlode.   Film festivals can be intimidating, they’re often a hodge podge of not only quality but also tone. […]

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11 Year Old Movie Critic Wins an Emmy

That’s right.  This little guy made his way from radio to TV and won an Emmy for Best On Camera Talent for Commentary. Parentdish has a little interview with him which is funny, especially since he calls out Clash of the Titans as the worst movie of the year. How does this fit into the critical cosmology of amateur vs. professional, blogger vs. print?  I think it’s fairly obvious that if you’re getting your movie-going advice from a 5th grader you’re unlikely to need the experience of an Harold Bloom […]

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At Least She Didn’t Leave it to the Cat

Did the audience go to the Met too?

It’s a good day to be in the development department at the Met, and an equally bad day for the bean counters at the Washington National Opera.  According to PND, a former board member of the WNO rendered an $18M gift to the opera “with the unusual stipulation that should that company fail to remain independent the gift would be rescinded and transferred to the Met.” Now, as the Kennedy Center continues their slow consumption of the capital’s high-brow art centers, the WNO is faced with losing close to 2/3rds […]

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Somehow, Miles loses Work of Art.

No disrespect to Abdi, who was one of my faves throughout the entire show.  His charcoal drawing in the last regular challenge was magnificent and a couple of his final pieces were really incredible. But how could Miles Mendenhall possibly lose this competition?  Anyone watching this show from the beginning would have put money on his eventual victory, not because he was so much more talented than the others (although he was among the best in every challenge) but because the show seemed made for him.  All actual artistic considerations […]

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