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You’ll Be the First to Go


  I once asked a good friend of mine what he thought of skinheads.   Adam was a punk in every sense of the word.  He looked the part, with a two-foot liberty hawk, a gallery of tattoos and piercings that ran the gamut from scrawled anarchy symbols to H.R. Giger recreations.  He lived it too, living in free-gan squats while he worked as a piercing artist by day and bouncer at the Middle East by night.  He was a brilliant guy, a far better student than I ever was, a […]

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#J20 Strike, Resist, Disrupt


We’ve set the date.   Or rather, the 20th amendment to the US Constitution set the date, and we have RSVP’d.  Leftist and anti-fascist groups all around the country are planning a massive strike and protest on Inauguration Day to demonstrate to the new president, and his most noxious supporters, that any racist or authoritarian views they may hold are a minority and will be resisted.  That any actions they intend against any minority or vulnerable individuals or groups, including mass deportation regardless of legality, hate crimes, ethnic discrimination, registration, or […]

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When Trump Was Right (Reality Edit)


I started this post in September, when I thought Clinton was a lock. I planned to release it after her election. At the time, I was getting very frustrated with liberals and their failure to look critically at their own candidate and the way they were selling her.  I did not predict her loss, by any means, but I was already steeling myself for the abrupt shift in congeniality I was about to face as my friends and allies celebrated the election of the first woman president (a glorious milestone to be sure) […]

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Fascist Groups Organize to Counter Protests


As protests ramp up in coastal cities, police prepare to quell them, by looking the other way.   People unsatisfied and angry at the outcome of the election have been staging daily protests in metropolitan areas with varying levels of success.  This has not gone unnoticed by the national press and the President Elect himself, ranging from between disdain and calls to crush the protests with police powers.  And while organizers against an authoritarian president expect the police to fight back, hard, they also know that one of the strongest weapons […]

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Want To Know What You Can Do?

Cherrell Brown, Community Outreach Director for AAPF.  

Picture via Logan R. Cyrus for The New York Times.

All of us are struggling with what to do next.   Thankfully, there are people who already know.         Much hay is made by opponents of social justice about ‘professional protesters’ and their nefarious habit of bussing people to events and voting booths, organizing their communities for political action and real change. Our soon to be former president was derided by his rivals for community organizing, a practice which hails from the very greatest traditions in this country and elsewhere.  Martin Luther King wasn’t a politician, professional […]

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100 Days of Winter


  They say elections have consequences, but they rarely remind you how permanent those consequences can be.   The plan for Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office have been available for some time.  If you’re like me, you read through them before today because you wanted to see if there was some special sauce that most of us were missing about this putrid man and his vague but ominous promises to remake our country.  But no one will blame you if this is the first time you’re seeing this, […]

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