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#OccupyLA: Eviction and the Detention of Tyson Heder


  I drove myself down to City Hall on Tuesday night to take part in what would probably be the most important political event in our city for a long time.  I live tweeted as much as I could – right up until my Android phone ran out of batteries.  For those of you who thought I may have been arrested or hurt – do not fret.  Yours truly stayed well out of the way of both protesters and the police, I didn’t even yell and scream.  I just wanted […]

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The End of Apocalypse Nobody Noticed

The End of Apocalypse Nobody Noticed

There is a lot going on right now with all the subjects I like to write about: Occupy LA is getting evicted (probably tonight) to make way for a movie shoot (starring Sean Penn, ironically).  CitiBank’s deal with the SEC to protect them from fault in the MBS mess was overturned by a New York judge.  SOPA and PIPA are threatening the free space of the internet for the sake of protecting intellectual property laws conceived in the 19th century. But I wanted to point out some good news that I […]

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Another Tribute to Hitch

The latest chapter in the on-going preemptive eulogy of the great freethinker, essayist and contrarian (and unwitting hero of this very blog), Christopher Hitchens, is a video cut together by r/atheism frequenter gonzoblair.  Dozens of folks from all over the world toast the life and work of a singular intellectual, and drink to his honor a bit of his favorite liquor, Johnny Walker Black. (Accept no substitute.) The diversity of the group is remarkable (although they almost all speak in Hitch’s tongue of English) and their sentiments are sincere.  That a man could attract such positive wishes mainly for pointing out the shortcomings of figures like Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Pope John Paul II and the Hebrew God is a testament to how honesty is the king of virtues, and that truthfulness with one’s self is paramount.  I do wish that more mention was made of his journalistic pursuits, as my first encounter with his writing was in the inspirational Letters to a Young Contrarian.  That book made me unashamed to assert myself when I was sure I was unpopularly right, and to check myself when I had unpopular doubt.  I’ve never looked back. Perhaps it is a feature of being such an outspoken atheist that people take the trouble to tell you how much they care before you die.  Just think about how nice this world would be if we made such an effort to everyone we loved. Here’s […]

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The Absurd Man – à la 8-Bit RPG

The Absurd Man - à la 8-Bit RPG

Thanks to my very good friend Landon Zakheim – who curated the second annual “Razorblades in Your Reese’s” Halloween short film program at the Downtown Independent last Monday- I was exposed to the tender and hilarious ennui of filmmaker Emily Carmichael.  I am very happy this has happened.  Her short The Hunter and the Swan Discuss Their Meeting was an outcast among the more shocking and musically epic shorts in the program (The Legend of Beaver Dam is one of the greatest things ever, as well), but its sensibility was dry and […]

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